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The Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine (ISSN 0031-7705) is a peer-reviewed international journal of basic and applied research in veterinary medicine and science. It is published semi-annually, for the periods January-June and July-December each year, by the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Baños. This journal is Abstracted/Indexed by: Thomson Scientific Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded, Biological Abstracts, Focus on: Veterinary Science & Medicine, Zoological Record, CAB Abstracts, Index Veterinarius, Veterinary Bulletin, Parasitology Database, Helminthological Abstracts, Protozoological Abstracts, Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology, SCOPUS & EMBASE, and UPLB Journals Online

Vol 53, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Histology, Morphometry and Morphology of Papillae in the Ventral Sac of the Rumen of Neonatal Dairy Calves (Bos taurus Linnaeus) Fed Different Types of Diets PDF
Joveth L. Vicenal, Ceferino P. Maala, Rio John T. Ducusin
M-mode Echocardiographic Measurements and Values in Male and Female Philippine Native Horses (Equus ferus caballus) PDF
Samantha Alexis L. Palou, Arville Mar Gregorio A. Pajas, Jezie A. Acorda
Ultrasonographic Features of the Heart and Lungs of Captive Reticulated Pythons (Python reticulatus, Schneider 1801) (Reptilia: Squamata: Pythonidae) with Granulomatous Pneumonia and Myocarditis PDF
Rizza Elaine B. Lampa, Emilia A. Lastica-Ternura, Jezie A. Acorda, Arville Mar Gregorio A. Pajas
Serological and Molecular Detection of Newcastle Disease Virus from Captive Raptors in a Wildlife Rescue Center in the Philippines PDF
Emilia A. Lastica-Ternura, Maria Sofiea C. Ty, Dennis V. Umali
New Feather Mites of the Genera Neocalaobia and Hyomesalges (Acari) from the Palawan Hornbill (Anthracoceros marchei Oustalet, 1885) (Coraciiformes: Bucerotidae) in the Philippines PDF
Salcedo L. Eduardo
Gross and Histopathologic Features of Bubaline Meat Infected With Sarcocystis spp. PDF
Jennifer B. Bermudez, Jennifer B. Bermudez, Lariza G. Navarro, Eddie P. Rivera, Christian Dave R. Medrano
Anesthetic and Cardiopulmonary Effects of Intravenous Tiletamine-­Zolazepam With or Without Xylazine in Goats (Capra hircus) PDF
Jovencio Hubert A. Abalos, Karlo Romano B. Gicana, Exequiel F. Brobio, Marianne Jane B. Addatu
Production of Water Buffalo Clone Embryos Using Ear Skin Fibroblasts as Donor Cell in Nuclear Transfer PDF
Edwin C. Atabay, Eufrocina P. Atabay
Excretion of Chlortetracycline in Cow Milk Subsequent to Intrauterine Administration PDF
Vujadin J. Vukovic, Mihajlo Vicentijevic
Histidine Decarboxylase-Producing Bacteria and Histamine Content of Gill Muscles from Longtail Tuna Fish (Thunnus tonggol) in Oman Sea PDF
Valiollah Koohdar, Babak Shoaibi-Omrani

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