Study on the Desulfurization Performance of N-Type and P-Type Semiconductor Pyrolysis Char Composite Catalyst

Lei Zhang, Sha Xiangling, Zhang Lei, Huibin He, Yusu Wang, Zhenhua Ma, Yonghui Li


Ordos coal pyrolysis product roasted under 750oC was used as desulfurization sorbents to investigate the effect of ue gas desulfurization performance of supported metal catalyst. There were 14 kinds of metal oxides from groups IA, IIA, VIB, VIIB, VIII, IB and IIIB chosen as active components to prepare metal oxide supported catalysts by equivalent volume impregnation method. And the mechanism of pyrolysis was studied. The similarities of desulfurization performance among the same group of metal oxides were related to the structure of their outer electrons. In addtion, the in uence of transition metal oxides on the desulfurization performance was related to metal oxide semiconductor type. Finally, the in uence of the VIII group oxide catalyst of iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni) on the desulfurization performance showed the characteristics of diversity related to their d percentage (%).

Key words: desulfurization; N-Type and P-Type Pyrolysis; char; catalysts; metal oxide

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