Ecosystems and Development Journal

The ECOSYSTEMS & DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL (ISSN: 2012-3612) is an international refereed journal published semi-annually designed to fill the science-policy interface void in the Philippines and other tropical countries to help legislators, policy-makers, researchers, and natural ecosystems managers become better equipped, more relevant, and more effective. It publishes original research and policy development articles on sustainable development in tropical forest ecosystems and natural resources environment. The Journal serves as an outlet for insightful research, analysis, policy recommendations, and writing in the following fields: forest biodiversity; watersheds; protected areas; geology and soils; ecosystem services, functions, and benefits; wildlife conservation; habitat restoration; forest rehabilitation including agroforestry; plantation forestry; sustainable harvesting of forest products; biotechnology; geomatics; geohazards; climate change; ecotourism; human-nature interactions; forest economics, institutions, and governance.


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ISSN: 2012-3612