Tmesipteris zamorae: A new species of Tmesipteris Bernh. (Psilotaceae) from the Philippines



A critical taxonomic evaluation of the genus Tmesipteris Bernh. (Psilotaceae) in the Philippines reveals that existing natural populations represent a new species here described as Tmesipteris zamorae Gruèzo & Amoroso. Previous reference of all Philippine materials to Tmesipteris tannensis (Spreng.) Bernh. and later, to Tmesipteris lanceolata Dang., is shown to be erroneous. Information on ecology, conservation status and geographic distribution are also presented.

Key words: Tmesipteris Bernh., whisk fern, Tmesipteris zamorae Gruèzo & Amoroso sp. nov., Tmesipteris tannensis (Spreng.) Bernh., Tmesipteris lanceolata Dang., Psilotaceae, conservation status, endemism, taxonomy, ecology, geographic distribution, Philippines

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